Meet My Collection

Princess Parrot

In my aviary I have Indian Ringnecks, Mallee Ringnecks, Cockatiels, Princess Parrots and Green-cheeked Conures. The Cockatiels have bred twice and the Mallee Ringnecks have bred once. I have only had the others for a short time—I bought them this year from the Port Pirie bird show.

I feed my birds a variety of seeds every week in my weekly feeders. In the seed mix they have wheat, barley, triticale, oats, peas, budgie seed and sun flower seed. Some of the grains, such as the peas, are crushed smaller. Other grains are husked to make them more suitable for smaller birds.

The Port Pire bird show is an amazing bird show, with many varieties of birds for sale. There were a lot of experienced bird breeders at the bird show as well. They gave me lots of information. It was a fantastic experience for me.

I’d like to share the birds in my aviary with you, and I hope to expand my collection soon.


I have a pair of Cockatiels that love to eat grain and fresh fruit. They have bred twice a year for me and thrown many different colours.

Green-cheeked Conures

Green-cheeked Conure

This year at the Port Pire bird show I bought a pair of Green Cheeked Conures. They are from South America. They are very flighty birds and when they get scared they go and hide in their nesting box, but they are great pets because they are fairly quiet and easily become attached to you.

Mallee Ringnecks

The Mallee Ringnecks were the second pair of birds I bought, and have already bred once last year for me. There were four babies from the clutch. The Mallee Ringnecks like to nibble on apples and on hot days like to be misted with water or bathe in the water.

Princess Parrots

The Princess Parrot is one of the birds I bought from the Port Pire bird show this year. Once a week after school I go out and feed all of my birds apples. Princess Parrots are very quiet and love attention. Their favourite seeds are sunflower seeds.

Indian Ringnecks

Blue Indian Ringneck

My Indian ringnecks were purchased from an experienced bird breeder early this year. They are very colourful and also very noisy. The pair I own are different mutations. The male is a Cinnamon Blue and the female is a Golden Olive.

About Hayden Shubert

Hayden is 14 years old and started breeding birds two years ago. Nibbles, the Cockatiel loves playing with Hayden and sitting on his shoulder after school.

Included in the flock Hayden cares for Cockatiels, Mallee Ringnecks, Green-cheeked Conures, Princess Parrots and Indian Ringnecks. In the future he aims to buy pairs of Quaker, Eclectus and Moustache Parrots with the aim of breeding.

Hayden also enjoys playing football with his mates and basketball in summer.