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Finches of Australia
Col Roberts
448 Pages
ISBN: 9780957798724
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Finches of Australia

The creation of Finches of Australia involved over 2500 hours of field study, with the author, Col Roberts, travelling around Australia seeking out the various species.  This was, at times, arduous and often involved sitting in a hide in stifling and oppressive conditions to capture never-before-seen images of finches and their behaviour.

Col Roberts is regarded as one of the world's leading landscape, fishing and bird photographers and has previously published five coffee table books including `Australia's Kimberley - Vision of a Lasting Wilderness', `Australia's Top End - Northern Territory', `Australia's Kimberley II', `Fishing for Wild Images' and `The Fishing Wild'. He was also the editor and publisher for 11 years of `Fishing Wild' the world's highest quality fishing magazine, before deciding to channel all his efforts into pursuing his love of bird photography.

Taking orders now for this title, which is due for release in October 2018.
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