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NAS HerbaGuard Powder 65g
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NAS HerbaGuard Powder 65g

Natural Animal Solutions™ is a naturopathic medical range products suited for cats, dogs and horses.


HerbaGuard Powder has been created to provide an alternative to the use of stronger and stronger chemicals on our pet’s skin.

Control pests naturally

Many pet owners asked us to develop a totally natural treatment for pests so we developed HerbaGuard Powder.

HerbaGuard Powder uses Diatomaceous Earth as it’s core ingredient in addition to 7 herbs to protect against those little nasties. This natural treatment can be used virtually everywhere, including directly on your pet’s coat, carpets, bedding and favourite outdoor basking areas. HerbaGuard Powder can even be added to water to wash your pet or perfect if you plan to wash your pet’s bedding, crate or kennel.

Please note HerbaGuard Powder is just as effective on other small animals including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chickens.

Based on a centuries-old remedy called Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is ancient geological deposits of fossilized skeletons of microscopic organisms.

The geological deposits are broken down into tiny pieces to the microscopic level and are razor sharp for little nasties.

To humans and pet’s it feels like a fine powder.

Being a powder based product is also HerbaGuard’s greatest asset.

As well as being applied to pet’s skin, it can be applied to their bedding and any other common areas in which they reside.

It can even be added to the wash to ensure that all areas have been covered.


* Diatomaceous earth
* Black walnut
* Rue
* Pennyroyal
* Wormwood
* Lavender
* Fever few


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