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Crocodile Fever - Wildlife Adventures in New Guinea
Rom and Zai Whitaker
152 Pages
ISBN: 9780863115394
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Crocodile Fever - Wildlife Adventures in New Guinea

Crocodile Fever is about the wildlife and people of New Guinea as seen by a 'croc man' and his wife.


A naturalist's dream, the island still hides many mysteries in her vast swamp forests, sinuous rivers and craggy young mountains. "Supported by vivid, black and white and colour photographs and equisite illustrations Crocodile Fever offers a 'croc's eye view' of one of the world's last unknowns.


The authors' fascination for the dangerous and the unexplored makes this book an exciting natural history chronicle in which New Guinea with its spectacular wildlife comes alive.



  • Puk Puk Projek Bilong Papua New Guinea : two years in Papua New Guinea. 
  • Patrols into yesterday : Swamplands of the fly river. 
  • How many crocs? Census along the Sepik and other rivers. 
  • Taipan by the tail : snake hunting in Papua New Guinea. 
  • Crossing the border : west to the Indonesian half of New Guinea. 
  • Hari Krismas at Korodesi : The Mamberamo and lake plains region. 
  • Megapode omelettes : on the Bian river and the southern floodplains. 
  • In the mouth of the bird : Bintuni bay: along the Vogelkope Peninsula. 
  • Into the land of the Orang Hutan : the jungle home of the Asmat people.


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