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Python books and snake books in the Reptile Publications range of lizard books include A guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity—the Elapids and Colubrids, Keeping and Breeding Pythons, A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity, the Complete Children's Python, the Complete Carpet Python, The More Complete Chondro, Keeping Children's Python and Keeping Carpet Pythons.


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The Art Of Keeping Snakes
Philippe de Vosjoli
232 Pages
ISBN: 1 882770 63 3
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The Art Of Keeping Snakes


Snakes and pythons are among the most beautiful and fascinating creatures of all the vertebrates. It is no wonder there are more peoples interested in keeping these reptiles in captivity. But how does the keeping of snakes become art?

This 232-page soft cover book will teach you how to set up a naturalistic vivarium that puts a python or snake's welfare and quality of life above all. This will enhance your enjoyment in observing these fascinating creatures.

Information on furnishings, substrates, landscaping, heating and lighting, humidity and general maintenance as well as handling, diet, breeding and diseases and disorders are all covered. The final chapters feature the groups of the best snakes and pythons for display purposes under their groups.

Highly recommended for the novice and advanced keeper.

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