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Python books and snake books in the Reptile Publications range of lizard books include A guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity—the Elapids and Colubrids, Keeping and Breeding Pythons, A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity, the Complete Children's Python, the Complete Carpet Python, The More Complete Chondro, Keeping Children's Python and Keeping Carpet Pythons.


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Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons
Mike Swan
336 Pages
ISBN: 978 0980366709
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Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons


  • Captive Husbandry
  • Breeding
  • Diseases and Disorders
  • Colour and Pattern Mutations

Species include

  • Children's Python
  • Spotted Python
  • Pygmy Python
  • Stimson's Python
  • Black-headed Python
  • Woma
  • Water Python
  • Olive Python
  • Pilbara Olive Python
  • Rough-scaled Python
  • Australian Scrub Python
  • Oenpelli Python
  • Diamond Python
  • Carpet Python - Centralian
  • Carpet Python - Jungle
  • Carpet Python - South-western
  • Carpet Python - Coastal
  • Carpet Python - Inland
  • Carpet Python - North-western
  • Green Python

The supporting colour photographs are exceptional in quality.

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