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Python books and snake books in the Reptile Publications range of lizard books include A guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity—the Elapids and Colubrids, Keeping and Breeding Pythons, A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity, the Complete Children's Python, the Complete Carpet Python, The More Complete Chondro, Keeping Children's Python and Keeping Carpet Pythons.


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An Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles
Mike Swan and Damian Goodall
193 Pages
ISBN: 9780980366723
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An Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles

If you are a newcomer to keeping reptiles, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards, An Introduction to Keeping & Breeding Australian Reptiles is an essential reference on reptile care.

This 193-page colour soft-cover title is the third in a series which includes Keeping & Breeding Australian Pythons and Keeping & Breeding Australian Lizards.

Introductory chapters cover—

Captive Husbandry including:
Housing Ratios
Enclosure Design
Heating and Temperatures
Feeding and Sloughing

Species specific chapters present on:
Lizard species are divided into
Flap-footed Lizards
Dragons and Monitors
Snake chapters include
Blind Snakes
File Snakes
Mangrove and Freshwater Snakes
Colubrid species
Venomous Land Snakes and Sea Snakes

Each species includes a skill level rating, distribution map, suggested enclosure size, egg incubation times, heating, lighting and cage furnishings.

An Introduction to Keeping & Breeding Australian Reptiles  is suited for the novice and experienced reptile keeper alike.

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