Books on keeping and breeding frogs in captivity cover all aspects of housing, feeding, breeding frogs as well as detail on individual frog species that can be kept in captivity. Australian frog books include A Guide to Australian Frogs in Captivity, Keeping Frogs, Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia, Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland and Frogs and Toads.


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Frogs and Toads - SPECIAL
Chris Mattison
192 Pages
ISBN: 9780565092627
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Frogs and Toads - SPECIAL


Frogs and Toads is a comprehensive guide to this large, diverse and important group of animals. With more than 5800 species currently identified, frogs and toads are the most familiar and most abundant amphibians on the planet. Every aspect of their lives is explored in this fully illustrated reference book, from their evolution and classification to their biology, habitats and distribution across most parts of the world.

Includes detailed information on each of the 49 unique frog families, including where they live and what they eat.

Describes their remarkable diversity in shape, colour and markings, and their unique anatomy and development.

Reveals the physiological and behavioural 'tricks' they use to survive in a variety of habitats.

Stunningly illustrated with eye-catching colour photographs throughout.

From the smooth, damp animals that leap to the warty species that tend to run or walk, Frogs and Toads is a comprehensive guide to these popular and charismatic creatures.

Chris Mattison describes the evolution and classification of frogs and toads, highlighting distinctive and notable species and providing detailed information about each of the 49 recognised families. He describes their eventful life-cycle, diverse habits and the various methods they use to attract mates and hunt for food. For example, did you know that many frogs swallow their prey whole and then use the undersides of their eyeballs to help push the food down their throats?

The book also explores frogs' interaction with humans, from modern day collection for the meat trade, scientific research and the trade in exotic pets, to how their survival is threatened by over-exploration, habitat destruction, climate change and disease.

Drawing on the latest research and the recently revised classification system, and illustrated with stunning colour photographs throughout, this guide will appeal to amateur naturalists and all those with an interest in the world of frogs and toads.



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