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Invertebrates such as scorpions, tarantulas and stick insects are becoming popular in captivity. An excellent book written by Alan Hendersen is Bugs Alive. Another popular book fetaures Tarantulas and Scorpians.

Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons
Mike Swan
336 Pages
ISBN: 978 0980366709
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Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons


  • Captive Husbandry
  • Breeding
  • Diseases and Disorders
  • Colour and Pattern Mutations

Species include

  • Children's Python
  • Spotted Python
  • Pygmy Python
  • Stimson's Python
  • Black-headed Python
  • Woma
  • Water Python
  • Olive Python
  • Pilbara Olive Python
  • Rough-scaled Python
  • Australian Scrub Python
  • Oenpelli Python
  • Diamond Python
  • Carpet Python - Centralian
  • Carpet Python - Jungle
  • Carpet Python - South-western
  • Carpet Python - Coastal
  • Carpet Python - Inland
  • Carpet Python - North-western
  • Green Python

The supporting colour photographs are exceptional in quality.

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