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Pure Poultry
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Pure Poultry

By Victoria Redhead Miller

Soft Cover 240 Pages $25 + P&H

This Canadian publication focuses on heritage breeds and their role in a self-reliant lifestyle. It shows how and why heritage breed poultry are more sustainable both economically and environmentally, compared to hybrid birds. Chickens, ducks and turkeys are becoming more popular as backyard inhabitants and this title, brimming with quiet humour, explains the how-to and why-to aspects of poultry keeping.

Detailed information cover housing, breeding and daily husbandry such as protection from predators, foraging ideas and worksheets help readers determine which breeds best suit their needs and lifestyles including egg and meat production.

Suitable for the novice and seasoned keeper, this is an engaging book presented in an entertaining style that makes poultry keeping a fun exercise.

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