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Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures)—Aviculture, Natural History, Conservation - Signed by Author
Rosemary Low
262 Pages
ISBN: 9780953133789
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Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures)—Aviculture, Natural History, Conservation - Signed by Author

This is a signed copy by the author, Rosemary Low

The Pyrrhura Conure group now comprises 32 species. Since the 1960s, Rosemary Low has accumulated vast experience with these species in captivity and in the wild, including travelling all over Latin America to study them.

She details them both in their natural environment, including conservation aspects, and in aviculture over two sections. The first explains what a Pyrrhura is and summarises the history of the genus in captivity. Major imports into Europe commenced in the 1970s and the next two decades saw demand and supply both peak as breeders savoured the variety of species available. Recently the focus has changed to smaller collections and the breeding of colour mutations in the Green-cheeked Conure.

Husbandry chapters include housing, diet, health issues, breeding—incubation, handrearing and breeding problems—and pet aspects. Discussion of the role of aviculture in conservation is thought-provoking.

Part two features individual species chapters. These are divided into sections according to characteristics of those species that show pronounced breast markings, those with lighter coloured beaks, less pronounced breast markings and reddish ear coverts, and finally the Blue-throated Conure.

For any breeder, or anyone contemplating these species, this book is essential reading. It is the most specialised book on the Pyrrhura Conure and a must for the library.


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