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Caiques-Their Care, Breeding and Some Natural History
John C. McMichael PhD
141 Pages
ISBN: 9780910335744
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Caiques-Their Care, Breeding and Some Natural History

By John C McMichael PhD

Caiques are given in-depth coverage in this informative book for aviculturists, pet owners, and bird enthusiasts.

Soft Cover Title Presented in Three Parts:
Pet Care
Esoteric and Scientific Topics

Information includes:
Deciding if you are a ‘parrot person’
Parrot-proofing your home
Cage selection &placement, lighting and cleaning
Bathing and Grooming
Keeping Pairs as Pets
Keeping with other pets and other species of birds
Life Cycle and Habits
Behaviour and Training
Diet & Feeding
Recapturing an escaped bird
Breeding—Housing, Nestboxes, Mating Behaviour, Incubation, Handfeeding, Mutations and Hybrids
Natural History—Taxonomy Species and Subspecies, Ecology, Conservation

The text includes some very valuable information and some supportive colour plates and appendixes. Suitable for the novice and experienced pet owner and aviary breeder alike.

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