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Understanding Parrots—Cues from Nature
Rosemary Low
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Understanding Parrots—Cues from Nature

By Rosemary Low

Soft Cover, 186 pages, 76 colour and B&W images.


This intriguing title provides rare insights into the parrot world gained from over 50 years of the author’s intense daily observations of more than 200 species in 27 countries. Illustrated with colour and black and white images, this treasure trove is divided into seven sections— the Parts that Make-Up the Whole, Psychology, Behaviour, What Parrots Need, Breeding, Foods, and a philosophical section entitled Stop and Think. Topics covered include parrot anatomy, psychology and behaviour—such as feather-picking, stress, aggression, mimicry, play and roosting—and basic requirements for a happy and healthy parrot.

Rosemary believes that many people keep parrots in their homes, yet know little about their bird’s wild relatives. ‘I want them to know,’ Rosemary says. ‘I want them to care what is happening to them.

She reaches out  to those privileged to  interact with parrots on a daily basis, appealing for new standards of parrot care that recognise parrots are sentient and highly intelligent creatures whose psychological needs are too often neglected. To do so, she weaves together details of their lives in the wild and relates them to what they need in our homes and aviaries.

The text is beguilingly, enhanced by the delightful, often quirky and humorous, colour illustrations of talented Dutch artist Mandy Beekmans.

Highly recommended for both pet parrot enthusiasts and breeders.



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