Incubation and Handrearing
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A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots
Phil Digney
104 Pages
ISBN: 978 0958710213
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A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots

Written by aviculturist, Phil Digney, this 104-page title covers all the necessary requirements needed to successfully take an egg through incubation, hatching, booding and development into a fully weaned chick. Beautifully illustrated with colour images, charts and diagrams supporting the informative text. An invaluable reference for any serious bird breeder.



Artificial Incubation
Meet the Egg!
    Germinal Disc
Choosing an Incubator/Hatcher
    Fan Forced
    Still Air
Handling the Egg
Hatching Details
    Internal and External Pip
Problems and Troubleshooting
    Damaged Eggs
Egg Weighing

Handraising Parrots

The Goal
Brooders and Brooding
Feeding Instruments
    Crop Tube
Feeding the Newly Hatched
    Crop Stretching
    First Feed
    Weight Gain
Growth Phase
    Feed Instrument
    Crop Stretching
    Weight Gain
    Leg Bands
Peak/Weaning Phase
    Weight Loss
    Weaning Cage
Weaning Black Cockatoos
Pulling Chicks
    Nest Problems
    Slow Crop
    Crop Stasis
    Overstretched Crops
    Splayed Legs

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