Genetics and Colour Mutations
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The Encyclopedia of Agapornis
Dr Alessandro D'Angieri
ISBN: 978 85 98478 13 5
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The Encyclopedia of Agapornis

This title comprises 234 pages with 304 colour photos covering the entire Agapornis genus in detail.

The focus of this book is
Almost purely Genetics
Mutations and Judging from an Exhibition point-of-view

Very few pages touch upon breeding, dieting and other aspects of management and the layout of the book is quite unique and different to the average avicultural book.

There are an enormous number of rare mutations and colour combinations illustrated.

The text is interspersed between the photos giving a unique perspective upon the world of exhibiting and judging Lovebirds in Brazil, a region where aviculture is quite strong. His critique upon judging is also a feature which I have not seen previously addressed in any detail by any other author on Lovebirds.

Recommend for the advanced breeder, giving them a broader perspective of what is happening around the world in Lovebird breeding.
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