Finches, Canaries and Softbills
Finch Breeders Handbook Volume 1: The Australians (Revised Edition)
QLD Finch Society
236 Pages
ISBN 0958770107
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Finch Breeders Handbook Volume 1: The Australians (Revised Edition)

Since the formation of the Queensland Finch Society (QFS) in September 1969, it has been the wish of successive Committees to put together an informative refrence handbook that would be simple to follow and contain useful information that every breeder could use.


Contents include:


Introduction to Keeping Australian Finches

Aviaries (design, construction, plants, pests)

Feeding (nutrition, seeds, live food, greens, minerals, other foods)

General Management

Health and Related Problems




Beautiful Firetail Finches

Black-throated Grassfinches

Blue-faced Parrot Finches

Chestnut-breasted Mannikins

Crimson Finches

Diamond Firetail Finches

Double-barred Finches

Gouldian finches

Longtailed Grassfinehces

Masked Grassfinches

Painted Firetail Finches

Pictorella Mannikins

Plum-headed Finches

Red-browed Finches

Red-eared Firetail finches

Star Finches

Yellow-rumped Mannikins

Zebra Finches


Included also are distribution zones complimented by a detailed coloured climatic weather map showing the diverse conditions to which the Australian finches are subjected to.



Book Review:

The Queensland Finch Society Inc first published a series of Finch Breeders’ Handbooks—the Australians in 1997, followed by The Foreigns.

ABK has the Finch Breeders’ Handbook Volume 1—the Australians—Revised Edition (2001) available at a reduced price (due to some slight marks on the cover). This soft cover 236-page handbook includes black and white and colour photography and geographical maps throughout.

Chapters include an introduction to the finches of Australia, aviaries, feeding and nutrition, general management and health, diseases and treatments, prepared by Dr Lucio Filipich.

Specific chapters then outline each species, including description, wild distribution and habitat, and breeding. This comprises compatibility, nesting, clutch size, incubation, fledging and sexing. Housing preferences and diets specific to the species and common ailments follow.

Written by Australian aviculturists, the handbook is a comprehensive reference on Australian finches and a library necessity that will give breeders valuable insights into successful rearing and husbandry requirements.

Sheryll Steele-Boyce

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