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Breeding Estrildid Finches
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Breeding Estrildid Finches

By Tony Jochem

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The author’s knowledge on Estrildid finches is the result of over 40 years of keeping and breeding experience, of much research and communication with fellow breeders, a biologist, a bird veterinarian and an expert on bird nutrition.

Chapters 1–10 deal with the general aspects of keeping and breeding Estrildid finches: how to start and what type of accommodation to provide, design requirements for cages and aviary, and other factors affecting the well-being of the birds (and, therefore, breeding success). Next, the various types of food required, their composition and preparation, auxiliary substances and food supplements, plus some notes on drinking water.

The text supports in answering the questions of deciding which birds to keep and how many, and what aspects to consider in this regard, including reproduction. Attention is also given to bird diseases and how to prevent or fight them.

Chapter 11 contains a list of the bird species discussed in this book. They all belong to the family Estrildidae and are grouped together according to genus. As the division of species into subspecies is not of real importance in the context of breeding, this aspect is not considered here and the reader is referred to the companion book Estrildid Finches in the Picture.

Chapter 12 focuses on keeping and breeding specific groups of Estrildid finches. In a sense, this chapter is complementary to Estrildid Finches in the Picture. The latter provides extensive information on all species and subspecies as well as their natural habitats, but pays less attention to keeping and breeding in captivity.

Finally, Chapter 13 gives a description of the author’s avairy, which serves as a practical example further illustrating several recommendations.

The views expressed stem from a passionate interest in the keeping and breeding of Estrildid finches.

This book will contribute to the well-being of the birds and enhance breeders’ knowledge in the keeping and breeding of Estrildid finches.
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