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DVD In Search of Parrots Volume One
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DVD In Search of Parrots Volume One

Peter Odekerken has released his latest DVD titled In Search of Parrots—Volume 1, the first in a series depicting the numerous parrot species that he has recorded on digital film and video in the wild.

Peter has undertaken many arduous trips in remote areas and under difficult conditions to further his interest in parrots. In this volume he shares rare footage such as Naretha Blue-bonnets being fed at their nest, Princess Parrots feeding on scale and breeding in Marble Gum country. The eruption of thousands of Budgerigars in outback Queensland is an awesome sight as are images of a Palm Cockatoo with a chick at the nest, corellas playing and rolling on the ground, Northern Rosellas ‘cupping’ and much, much more in a 43-minute long DVD.

The Volume 2, soon to be released will highlight footage of many non-Australian species.

This is a must have DVD which has taken Peter many years and extensive travel to bring together.

Peter has produced a number of DVDs over the years and with this new addition there are five currently available. Each new addition seems to surpass the quality of the previous such is Peter’s determination to constantly better the already excellent quality.


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