Breeding Amazon Parrots


During the non-breeding season our Double-headed Amazons are housed in a colony environment where they enjoy a variety of enrichment—including swinging perches and natural branches—and some specialisation, prior to being paired up and moved to an individual aviary during the breeding season.

Having seen these beautiful birds in a small number of private collections we decided to add six young unrelated birds to our aviaries recently. These six birds—three hens and three cocks—were placed in a large 10 metres long x 3.6 metres wide x 2.4 metres high conventional aviary. Also sharing the aviary were six Blue-fronted Amazons—two cocks and four hens. Initially we also had Yellow-crowned Amazons sharing the aviary, however the Yellow-crowned and Double Yellow-headed Amazons would fight continuously. As such, the Yellow-crowned Amazons were removed and placed in another large aviary.

In the large flight the Double Yellow-headed Amazons were given a chance to partner up with a mate before being identified as a pair. The leg ring number and microchip details of the pair was then added to our registry and the details of the particular aviary they were designated to within the breeding complex.

For more on the breeding of Double Yellow-headed Amazons in this breeder’s aviary see referenced source.


Australian BirdKeeper Magazine Vol. 22, Iss. 12
Breeding Double Yellow-headed Amazons by Jade Welch and Mark Mills
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