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Good Parrotkeeping
Robin Deutsch
288 Pages
ISBN: 0 7938 0666 9
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Good Parrotkeeping

Good Parrotkeeping - A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Parrot


This guide will provide those new to bird keeping with a plethora of details to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their pet bird.

Presented in an easy to read format, information on more than 60 parrot species is arranged according to the amount of experience owners require to care properly for these birds. Sections on each species detail the personality and physical characteristics, providing readers with an understanding of the temperament and behaviour of that species, as well as suitable cage dimensions, accessories and dietary needs.

Housing, diet, nutrition, health care and grooming are covered over four chapters. Other chapters include avian safety, which includes household dangers, temperature issues, bird-safe products and chemicals, and travelling with and without your bird. Education on basic bird health is essential to arm any bird keeper with a knowledge of how to recognise health and sickness issues and how to care for a sick bird. Details on sexing, handicapped birds and microchip identification are also outlined.

The chapter Taming and Training introduces the principles of understanding body language essential to any successful relationship with your pet parrot.

It is a simple and easy to read format and the sidebars and tip boxes highlighting the main points throughout the chapters.

The housing chapter includes how to make a T-stand, bird harnesses and the importance of establishing an effective cleaning regime. The section on safe toys and plants includes a list of safe and toxic plants, which is most helpful.

Overall, the 288-colour pages provide enough information to educate the beginner and establish a foundation for further knowledge.

Reviewed by Sheryll Steele-Boyce


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