Pet Bird Behaviour and Training
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Good Bird
Barbara Heidenreich
81 Pages
ISBN: 189 5270278
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Good Bird

Consisting of 81 pages in softcover format, with black and white images and illustrations throughout.

This compact reference includes advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as
Bonding to One Person
Cage-bound Bird
Feather Picking  


If you are looking for your first reference guide to managing the behaviour of companion parrots using positive reinforcement then this easy-to-read book is the best place to start!

Barbara covers most of the commonly encountered behaviour issues that pet parrot owners are likely to encounter.
Each behaviour topic is discussed in easy to digest and relevant ‘real-life’ contexts.

Barbara also shares her own experiences in implementing excellent strategies for preventing or modifying the behaviours of interest.

This book is definitely a ‘must-have’ reference for all companion parrot owners seeking to establish a ‘positive’ foundation for their relationship with their parrot.

Reviewed by Jim McKendry BAppSc BTeach


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