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Snake Ranch - SPECIAL
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Snake Ranch - SPECIAL


This title is a perfect beginner resource outlining the basics in reptile care, and has been priced accordingly. 

Should you buy a reptile? Is reptile keeping right for you? These are some of the initial questions presented to the first time keeper. 

Before selecting your first reptile one needs to consider suitable housing enclosures or racks, substrates, furnishings such as plants and hides and heating systems—these essentials are all explained. The idea of converting an old TV entertainment unit to a vivarium is interesting. 

Feeding details prey items, the preparation of frozen items, food sizes and the transition from different size and types of food items as a reptile develops. How to feed, when to feed where to feed, foods to avoid are all explained as is sloughing and associated problems. 

The most popular species available through pet shops and breeders are presented in chapter groups of Pygmy Pythons; medium-sized pythons—the Woma, Bredl’s, Carpet, Green Tree, Diamond and Rough-scaled; large pythons—Black-headed, Coastal Carpet and Olive; and lizards—small dragons, Blue-tongued Skinks and the Bearded Dragon. 

A chapter on turtles is presented by Dr David Vella and Dr Robert Johnson presented the Reptile Hygiene section. 

The title is littered with images of Australian reptile enthusiasts handling their favourite reptile. 

Colourful and concise this is an informative basic reference that is will be thumbed through constantly by the reader.


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