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Approved by veterinarians, these resilient and multi-functional silicone brushes are fabulous for owners of cats and dogs as well as breeders.
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Pet Plus Me Grooming Brush BLUE for Cats, Small Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets
Grooming Brush
Pet + Me
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Pet Plus Me Grooming Brush BLUE for Cats, Small Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets

Pet + Me Silicone Pet Brush - BLUE

The BLUE brush is a soft silicone and is suitable for:

* Cats with short hair

* Rabbits, all hair types

* Small breed dogs with little or no undercoat

* All other small animals, such as guinea pigs, ferrets etc

Developed in Switzerland, these amazing silicone pet brushes have many advantages, unlike many of the pet brushes on the market today. This cleaning and massage brush will deliver a balanced combination of efficiency and comfort. These brushes are soft and gentle even to the most sensitive skin, and are most effective in removing loose hair, sebum and dandruff. 

1. Made of 100% silicone - silicone and dyes are 100% allergen free.

2. Hygiene must be top priority - you can wash this brush daily in the washing machine on a temperature of up to 248 degrees farenheit and even sterilise. This way you always have a clean brush without damaging the material or usability of it.

3. Specially designed knob structure - suitable for 98% of all dog and cat breeds.  Use the brush to massage your cat or dog; shampoo can be applied and the brush can be used to massage it underneath the fur and onto the skin.

4. Also makes an excellent lint brush due to the design.  Use to remove hair from clothing and furniture.

5. Recognised by veterinary surgeons worldwide.

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