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 You Can Still Help the Parrots If You Are QUICK

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 is nearly over, but there is still time to help parrots. And right now your gift will be matched – DOUBLED – for parrots.

!! For our friends in USA and Canada these are the
last few days to receive a 2016 tax benefit from your donation



Your gift enables us to:


  • Support the rehabilitation and return of parrots caught in the trade to the wild;
  • Encourage officials to enforce wildlife laws that better protect Endangered Grey and Timneh parrots in Africa;
  • Help restore and protect critical habitat and nest sites of parrots in the Caribbean and Bolivia;
  • Study the ecology and threats of at risk parrot species to determine how best to help them.

There’s still time to be part of the good work being done for parrots. Please, donate today!

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