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 These Macaw Chicks Need You

Sunday, August 14, 2016
The moment when a young macaw first takes to the air is incredible to watch – and one that is rapidly disappearing as more of them are lost to the wild bird trade.  

Your response to our call for help to stop poaching of chicks with WPT Partner Ara Project in Costa Rica has been fantastic. Generous donors have given nearly $4,500. It's going to go a long way towards protecting macaw chicks!

But they still have a way to go - we're hoping that you will help push that number up and prevent more chicks from being stolen from their families. Even though trapping is illegal in Costa Rica, parrot chicks are still taken out of the wild every year by poachers.

Your support will enable the Ara Project to protect and monitor nests, and work with local people and governments to enforce laws protecting these birds. And thanks to your support, important night vision infrared motion-sensing cameras that will be used to detect poachers around nests are on the way!

Right now is a crucial time for these chicks; they are at their most vulnerable stage for being poached.

Please help them to be able to take that amazing first flight - donate today to protect these incredible birds!

P.S. A donation of just $10 can make a world of difference to the future of macaw chicks in Costa Rica!

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