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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The CITES decision to end commercial trade in wild-caught Grey and Timneh parrots, and the subsequent uplisting to Endangered by the IUCN caps off a remarkable year of change.

It’s bittersweet though – good that these parrots will receive increased protection but deeply saddening that they do, in fact, need it.

Your past support for these two iconic parrots has been phenomenal and it’s helped us make huge strides forward. With our local and international partners we’ve supported the collection of critical information on their numbers in the wild, and uncovered the true scale of trade in the Congo basin. We have worked tirelessly to get this data to the right people, making sure that proper action is taken to protect these birds.

We’ve also been assisting on the frontline, with groundbreaking projects to recruit poachers into jobs in conservation, and to build capacity for law enforcement where it is most needed.

But this is just the start – these parrots continue to need our help now more than ever. This is where you come in.

Be a hero for Grey, Timneh and other parrots around the world. Your gift of $25, $50 or $100 will help us continue to make a difference. And remember, if you donate by January 31, your donation will be DOUBLED.

The loss of these beautiful birds would be a tragedy. Please don’t let that happen.
Be a Hero for parrots today. 


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