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 Help Illegally Smuggled Wild Caught Grey Parrots

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
In late 2014, dozens of illegally smuggled wild-caught Grey Parrots were confiscated by authorities in eastern Europe. They were in very poor condition and unable to fly, with several dying before they were rescued. After courts determined their fate, the survivors made it to a rehab centre in France in 2016.

Thanks to countless months of intensive care, many of them can fly again.

The World Parrot Trust has been supporting the recovery of these parrots and many others like them facing similar situations. With proper care and disease screening many of these parrots can be returned to their historic range. With wild populations plummeting to near extinction all over Africa, returning every healthy individual to the wild is critical.

We are working to help these and other parrots at risk by:

Working with authorities to better manage confiscations
Increasing the capacity of rescues to care for confiscated birds
Securing veterinary care for injured or sick parrots
Providing training to staff tasked with the birds’ care
Restoring wild populations through conservation and release efforts
Creating awareness to foster stewardship for parrots

Thanks to a generous sponsor, your gift will be DOUBLED if you donate by 31 January. 

Please, join us in Making a Change for parrots. Donate today!

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