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Monday, July 31, 2017
The folks at WPT partner Echo on the island of Bonaire have been busily updating their group of aviaries – three new enclosures, generously funded by Sea & Land Wonders Trust, have been constructed. 

The new complex is designed in a U-shape and features two large flights that will be for the project’s former companion Yellow-shouldered Amazons (Amazona barbadensis) and Yellow-crowned Amazons (A. ochrocephala), which can’t be released back to the wild. An aviary in the middle will house native Brown-throated Parakeets (Eupsittula pertinax) which need a permanent home. And, thanks to funding from a Netherlands-based animal welfare organization, DierenLot, Echo has been able to repair their current aviaries and other parrot-related structures.

And other good news: in late November 2016 staff released three parrots from the center’s resident flock, two of whom were suspected illegal companion birds and one that had recovered from a minor wing injury. After that, in February of this year another Amazon that was brought to the center for rehabilitation was set free.

Learn more about Echo here.

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