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Monday, October 16, 2017
You may recall that in 2015 Echo held a "Help Sally and Weeble Get a Room" campaign in order to help raise funds for the construction of a captive breeding aviary. Well, this year we finally gave the aviaries a chance to serve their purpose. In late April three prospective pairs were moved: Sylvia & Earle, Becky & Thatcher, and Bruce & Mr. Pink into their own little love nests, complete with nest box, privacy screens and an enriched diet all suited to help them "get in the mood."

While two didn't show any amorous inclinations, one pair (seemingly) got down to business right away.  As it turns out, Mr. Pink should perhaps be re-named Mrs. Pink because soon after moving in she entered into the nest box and showed signs of forming an egg! She laid two eggs during the breeding season and spent several weeks inside of her nest box. Sadly, neither egg hatched, but this leaves us very hopeful for next year.

Image courtesy of Echo.

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