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 CITES Votes YES - The African Grey Parrot Has Prevailed

Monday, October 10, 2016

The African Grey parrot has prevailed! On October 2 members of CITES voted to uplist the species to Appendix I, thereby banning international trade in the wild birds. A milestone decision for the conservation of this parrot!



We thank those of you who signed our Petition to encourage CITES to end trade in wild African Grey parrots. With your signature, you have sent a powerful message about keeping these birds protected from the wildlife trade.



But much more has yet to be accomplished to ensure the species’ preservation. We will continue our efforts by:


• working to boost enforcement and compliance in range states
• consulting with NGOs and range states on planning and implementation
• renewing efforts to reintroduce the species in areas where it is now extinct


WPT will collaborate with local NGOs, range countries and CITES to preserve and protect the iconic African Grey parrot. We hope you’ll continue to remain a partner in these efforts!


See more details in a short video here.

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