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 Carnaby's Cockatoo Breeding Range Survey

Monday, September 30, 2013

BirdLife Australia has recently launched a Carnaby’s survey across the breeding range of the species.

They are asking people across the Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions to report any sightings of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo between September and the end of December. They are also interested in hearing from people that used to have Carnaby’s in their local area, but no longer see them.

The survey should contribute to understanding of breeding distribution— recognised as a important knowledge gap at this year’s Carnaby’s workshop. Sightings information should also help to identify nesting and feeding sites where BirdLife and others can direct on-ground recovery efforts in the future. It should hopefully generate opportunities for our project work to continue beyond 2013.

They are encouraging people to report their sightings via an online survey form: This takes only a few moments to complete. Even if you only have a little information (e.g. you have only seen the cockatoos flying over), please report your sighting—this is still valuable information.

The success of the survey will largely depend on people knowing about it in regional locations. BirdLife have contacted over 50 Shires and 130 schools in the Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions encouraging them to spread the word and get involved.It is important that the survey be communicated as widely as possible through your own personal and professional networks, including social media. In particular please forward to any landholders and community groups that may see or support the cockatoos.

If you would like more information, please contact BirdLife Australia’s Matt Fossey on (08) 9287 2204.

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