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 Brown-hooded Parrot

Monday, July 31, 2017
Genus: Pyrilia 
Species: haematotis 
World Population: 20,000-50,000
IUCN/CITES: Least Concern/Appendix II

Also known as Red-eared Parrot, Red-necklaced Parrot (P.h. coccinicollaris)

Where found: P.h. haematotis: S Mexico south to W Panama. P.h. coccinicollaris: E Panama and NW Colombia.

Threat Summary: This species is presumed to have declined over much of its range due to deforestation.

Ecology and Behaviour: Found up to 1200m (3936 ft) in dense primary rainforest, including low-elevation cloud forest, forest clearings, and cultivated areas. Feeds on fruits and seeds of forest trees and epiphytes, and on the green leaves of some types of mistletoe. Found in flocks of 6-15 birds. Forages for food at all levels of forest canopy, and occasionally cornfields. May socialize with other parrots, and toucans.

Did you know? The Brown-hooded Parrot is so secretive that often the only sign of its presence in the wild is falling fruit (while feeding) or occasional calls.

Learn more about the Brown-hooded Parrot here.

Photo courtesy of Steve Brookes

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