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 Birds of a Feather Flock to Australia’s Longest Running Birding Event

Monday, October 14, 2013

Birds of a feather flock together at O’Reilly’s annual Bird Week to be held from 3–10 November 2013 in Lamington National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland.
Now in its 36th year, O’Reilly’s Bird Week is Australia’s longest running birding event, drawing participants from around the world to this biodiversity hotspot. The seven day program provides an opportunity to see many of the iconic birds that reside in and around the Lamington area with extended excursions to Southport Broadwater and the Kerry Valley. 

This year’s event is led by a team of renowned Australian birding experts, including OAM recipient and Bird Week founder Peter O’Reilly Snr, who has attended every event and believes the creation of the special interest program helped establish an impressive tradition of linking ecotourism with nature conservation.
‘I feel pleased that we have been able to further nature appreciation, education and conservation, not only of birds but other species as well, as our other special week programs promoting mammal and frog conservation have followed’, he said. 

Overall bird sightings have increased over the past 35 years, particularly as participants become more adept at finding some of the more elusive species and it is also a reflection that the pristine rainforest habitat has stood the test of time. 

Joining Peter at the helm is his son and Bird Week coordinator, Tim O’Reilly, who believes the mix of excursions to the sub-tropical and drier forests, valley waterholes and coastal wetlands, offers something in the program for everyone.

'Daily outings pass through pristine habitat, starting only 20 metres from the front door of the guesthouse, while some other local tours end at spectacular escarpments where there’s a chance of spotting a soaring raptor like Peregrine Falcon or Grey Goshawk. The result is a richer experience for birders and an improvement for bird conservation as our understanding increases each year,’ Mr O’Reilly said.

‘Sightings of Albert’s Lyrebird, Noisy Pitta, Paradise Riflebird, Regent Bowerbird, Logrunner and Rufous Scrub-bird have been made every year in the event’s history,’ he continued

‘Of course there’s always hope for a glimpse of the critically endangered Coxen’s Fig-parrot, heard on two occasions in recent years’.

With over 35 years of Bird Week data to draw on, O’Reilly’s is able to give bird enthusiasts and conservationists a valuable and accurate picture of the health of the area’s bird populations and an indication of how the habitat has held up to three decades of human impact and encroaching development.

 For further information or to book for Bird Week, contact O’Reilly’s Reservations on 1800 688 722 or visit

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