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 Ara Project - Saving Macaws in Costa Rica

Friday, August 12, 2016

At WPT’s partner Ara Project the recently released macaws are breeding! Great Green Macaws nested at the project’s Manzanillo site and on the Pacific coast at Islita, Scarlet Macaws also bred this year. The Scarlet pair chose a fragile dead palm trunk that proved to be too dangerous for the team to closely monitor. A chick, which the team had named Rose, hatched in the nest. Hopes were high for a successful fledging but this wasn’t to be, as the youngster was taken shortly after by trappers.



Although trapping is illegal in Costa Rica, parrot chicks are still lost to the wild bird trade.


Poaching is the reason Great Green and Scarlet Macaws have undergone dramatic declines. The Ara Project’s work to release and monitor macaws is the first step towards their recovery. Ensuring wild pairs have the opportunity to rear precious offspring like Rose is critical for their future in the wild.


For more information, please visit the website.

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