Reptile Ravings



Monday, January 05, 2015

An Australian ranger has captured the moment a python swallowed a wallaby at a national park in a giant feast that could keep it full for three months.

Ranger Paul O'Neill was patrolling Nitmiluk National Park in the Northern Territory when he heard numerous birds making alarm calls and came across the feeding frenzy.

"I saw at first a snake, an olive python, but then on closer inspection I realised it had just... killed a young joey and was just about to start to devour it," O'Neill told AFP of his discovery Monday.

He said the medium-build python, a constrictor, was between 8.2 to 9.8 feet long.

"That would be the largest-size prey that a snake of that size could take," O'Neill, who documented the digesting process in a series of photographs, said. 

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