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 Press Release Reptecon 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Reptecon 2014 - biggest one to date!

A Guide to Australian Lizards and A Guide to Pythons Released



Reptecon 2014 was the biggest Reptecon convention to date with having over 80 attendees at the Mansfield Tavern on the 21 June 2014.

Reptecon began in 2012 with a focus on educating people and to provide knowledge and a better understanding of the broad range of Australian domesticated reptiles to the Queensland community.

Now in its third year it continues to make strides with this year having presentations by some of the most experienced, educated and highly respected veterinarians and breeders in the herpetological industry. Speakers for the day included Dr Danny Brown, Michael McFadden, Dr Shane Simpson, Dr Robert Johnson, Michael Cermak and Peter Birch. Topics included discussions about skinks, frogs, lighting, diseases, green tree pythons and various species of snakes.

Two new Reptile Publications’ books were officially released – the title A Guide to Australian Lizards in Captivity was presented to author Dr Danny Brown by publisher Sheryll Steele-Boyce. This book was a culmination of 15 years of research and preparation. The other new title A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity by Adam Elliott was also released.

Counsellor Ian Kaye, state member for Greenslopes, presented Reptile Publications publisher, Sheryll Steele-Boyce, with the first Reptecon award for her dedication to education within the Australian reptile industry. Sheryll Steele Boyce has published 10 reptile and amphibian books in the past two years and has published Australian Bird Keeper and the range of 20 A guide to bird books over the past 27 years.

Kim Peries, the co-owner and director of Pet City Mt Gravatt, presented Wildcare Australia with a cheque in the amount of $2,682.00 which was from the profits of the event along with sponsors and an auction of products donated by Kong’s Aust. It was well received and appreciated by the group.

Reptecon 2014 could not have happened without the efforts from Reptile One, Pet City Mt Gravatt, ABK publications/Reptile publications and Scales & Tails.

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