Barry Blanch talks about breeding Australian parrots... more



Dorothy raises Mirt, a wild rescue Timneh Grey Parrot ... more



One of the saddest problems seen in avian medicine is feather damaging behaviour (also known as feather picking, feather plucking or feather chewing).... more

BY Australian BirdKeeper Magazine

Indian Ringnecks are one of the easiest birds to keep and/or breed and this explains their popularity around the world. ... more

BY Australian BirdKeeper Magazine

During the non-breeding season our Double-headed Amazons are housed in a colony environment where they enjoy a variety of enrichment... more

BY Australian BirdKeeper Magazine

A Grey Parrot’s level of intelligence can have bitter consequences. When neglected or ignored, these birds will feather pick, feather pluck or even chew holes into their skin. ... more

BY Australian BirdKeeper Magazine

The magnificent Indian Ringnecked Parrot Psittacula krameri manillensis is well established worldwide as a very popular pet and aviary bird.... more

BY Dr Milton Lewis

Have you ever had those moments when you are sorting through the young birds of the previous season and despaired at the number of cocks? What about the times when you have bred with your best pair, produced plenty of good quality young and found that there is only one hen to keep the line continuing? I am sure it is a problem that most of us have encountered yet thought... more

BY Jim McKendry

At this time of year I receive a lot of calls and emails asking for advice on training and developing basic handling skills with newly purchased pet parrots. As this is such a formative time in the development of our young companions, I thought that I would take the next two issues of Pet Parrot Pointers to address two important concepts that are used for laying the... more

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